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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: SCOMADI/HANWAY TL 50/125/300/400/450 Lambretta Nachbau
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Zuviele Köche verderben den Brei, sowas müsste federführend jemand alleine machen, der die "Luft" dazu hat und alle benötigten Einzelleistungen auf Werkvertragsbasis von kompetenten Subs machen lässt.

Nur meine Meinung natürlich ...

Schade darum, auf jeden Fall!


... bastelst du noch oder fährst du schon?


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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: SCOMADI/HANWAY TL 50/125/300/400/450 Lambretta Nachbau
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New UK Distributor image BACK TO NEWS
20 May 2019

Nigel Godwin of Scomadi(GB) has laid out the company's plan to develop the Scomadi brand after it was revealed the company had taken over UK distribution of the British-designed retro scooter.

The founders of Scomadi Ltd, Frank Sanderson, his wife, Kaye, and Paul Melici, are said now to be pursing their own business interests. Melici resigned as a director of Scomadi Ltd in March 2019 and is reportedly going to concentrate on his business, PM Tuning, based in Morecambe. Frank Sanderson is said to be continuing to work on R&D for the Thai manufacturer of the brand, Scomadi Worldwide. BDN has tried to contact both men, so far without success.

New distributor Scomadi(GB), whose directors are Nigel Godwin and Peter Reid (the latter also being a director of Scooter Moda - a dealership set up in 2013 to retail Scomadi) will be running Scomadi(GB) from the former Olympia Car Auction site in London Road, Preston and says it will regularise and improve supplies of the five-model range.

Godwin told BDN that he, Reid and Neil Spencer Coe (a director of Scooter Moda) had previously put up money to guarantee Scomadi Ltd’s stocking plan, funding the purchase and delivery of a container-load of scooters from the manufacturer in Thailand. Scomadi(GB) had been negotiating with Frank Sanderson to take over the UK distribution when it says it was informed Scomadi Ltd was “going into liquidation”.

Godwin said a deal allowing UK distribution had been signed with Scomadi Worldwide (basically the Thai manufacturer) and would take effect on 20 May.

“The idea is that we will make the distribution of Scomadi scooters more streamlined, more efficient. There will be none of this waiting for stock and having angry customers. What we don’t sell to our dealer network we know we can sell through Scooter Moda because in the past we never had enough machines.

“The point of all this is to keep Scomadi going. After throwing a fair bit of money in we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t sustainable, the way it was being done. We are definitely not a phoenix company and we will be running the distribution with warranties and everything.

“We are all sales orientated. For us it will be a good venture. It has been expensive but we are going to keep ploughing money in … everything is ready to rock and roll.”

Godwin said Scomadi Ltd had suffered cash flow challenges as a result of its 2017 High Court action against Chinese manufacturer Hanway and the UK importer of its Royal Alloy scooter, Chorley-based Moto GB. All parties eventually agreed to end the case.

“The cost of the solicitors had pushed cash flow to the limit, and the case didn’t get anywhere anyway,” said Godwin.

Scomadi Ltd’s website lists 25 dealers and 28 service centres across the UK. Godwin claimed there were actually slightly more but that the latest news “might put a few of them off”. Scomadi(GB) wanted to open up the network, especially on the service side, while striking the right balance to avoid oversaturation. “At the end of the day the dealers are in it to make some money,” said Godwin.

“We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t think Scomadi had a bright future. We will be supporting the dealers.”

Scomadi Worldwide has now emailed the dealer network - see foot of this article.

Godwin said Scomadi(GB) believed in the Scomadi range, which was "a clever mix of classic styling and modern safety features and had been accepted by scooter aficionados".

The latest chapter in the Scomadi story broke on 7 May when Scooter Moda posted on Facebook: “Today we were finally informed that Scomadi Ltd, which we have supported since day one which owes us a considerable amount of money, is going into liquidation. We have financially and commercially supported them without question and feel aggrieved by their action. We will not be beaten. We are here for all you guys who have trust in Scomadi.

“Successful negotiations with Scomadi Worldwide have resulted in us [Scomadi(GB)] being appointed the distributor for the UK and we will commit to best practice, customer service and satisfaction. Please bear with us while we get up to speed.”

Scomadi has had a bumpy ride since the company was founded in 2005. The Sandersons and Melici initially planned to have their scooters built by Hanway in China.

After a disagreement, Scomadi production was switched to Thailand.

When news broke in 2017 that Hanway was to produce a Royal Alloy scooter, similar to the Scomadi, the UK company began legal proceedings at the High Court in London to prevent the Chinese scooters coming into the EU via Chorley-based importer/distributor Moto GB.

When the High Court found in favour of Royal Alloy-maker Hanway/Moto GB on the central issues, Scomadi said it would appeal.

On 29 January 2019 it was announced that “all proceedings between Scomadi, Royal Alloy and the various other parties relating to the recent litigation have now come to an end”.


Dear Dealers

Scomadi Worldwide Ltd are pleased to announce that they have appointed a new distributor for Scomadi scooters in the UK – Scomadi(GB) Ltd. Scomadi Worldwide and Scomadi Ltd have taken this step due to Frank and Paul’s growing responsibilities as shareholders in the Scomadi Thai manufacturing plant and the expansion of the Scomadi brand worldwide, meaning that more time is being spent overseas for ever lengthening periods of time to concentrate on product development.

Scomadi(GB) Ltd will concentrate solely on distribution throughout the UK with a purpose of providing dealers and service centres with ongoing warranty support, product knowledge and will take time to understand each dealers requirements to maximise sales in the future. We are in the process of transitioning the spare parts to ensure continuity with the after sales and warranty support. Coincidentally, all directors are avid rally-going scooterists.

Here is a little introduction to the new team:

Nigel Godwin, who we call "Dynamo" due to his boundless supplies of energy and desire to succeed at any given task. Nigel, a successful businessman with years of sales and marketing experience is an all-round nice guy with a heart of gold, he has an entrepreneurial streak having his own expanding group of hospitality venues and experience in the entertainment and licensed trade .Nigel will be the day to day face of Scomadi(GB) Ltd, travelling the length and breadth of the UK visiting the dealers and will always be on hand to offer assistance to the dealers and service centres. Nigel and the new team will be in touch to arrange new dealer and service centre agreements with Scomadi(GB) Ltd.

Spencer Coe, who is responsible for putting the team together is the Managing Director of one of the largest mobility aid company's in the UK ‘ScootaMart Ltd’. Spencer also brings a wealth of sales, marketing and distribution experience, and with his in-depth knowledge of Lithium battery powered vehicles, this will be of benefit for Scomadi as plans are being made to expand into the electric powered market.

Peter Reid, whose name may be familiar to many happy Scomadi customers, though his role as Director at the Scooter Moda dealership in Preston Lancashire, brings vast experience to the new company not only with his Scomadi knowledge but also from his many years' experience in the sales media industry, having been the National Sales Manager at Guardian Media Group (Auto Trader group) and a lecturer on sales training and processes and broadcast media business development management.

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andreas schwarz (kurier) macht eine punktlandung: "Das Netz ist nicht nur Tummelplatz für pathologische Poster, die ihrem kleingeistigen Hass auf was auch immer freien Lauf lassen, sondern auch Schauplatz für eine Aufgeregtheit in allen Belangen, die vorgibt, die Wahrheit zu vertreten, ohne auch nur einen Funken von ihr zu kennen Check, Recheck, Double Check, diese journalistische Tugend aus prähistorischen Medienzeiten, ist systemwidrig: Raus mit der Meinungssau..."
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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: SCOMADI/HANWAY TL 50/125/300/400/450 Lambretta Nachbau
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https://scooterlab.uk/despite-the-rumou ... s-on-news/

News emerged earlier this week that the company behind distribution of the Scomadi brand in the UK, Scomadi Ltd are winding up their business in the UK (although that is far from the end of the brand). This comes after a long and expensive legal battle with Hanway and MotoGB (Hanway being the original Chinese manufacturer of the Scomadi scooters and now the people behind Royal Alloy).

The social media post earlier this week...
The social media post earlier this week…

Social media

The news about Scomadi Ltd came out through a social media post by Scooter Moda’s Peter Reid, although rumours of Scomadi Ltd’s financial problems have been circulating for a few months. Preston based Scomadi specialist, Scooter Moda was set up with the help of Scomadi co-founder Frank Sanderson and originally had Frank’s wife, Kaye as director and secretary – although she resigned on 16 th March 2016.

We spoke to Spencer Coe at Scooter Moda and he told us that they’d been behind Scomadi since day one. After the protracted court case left Scomadi Ltd with cash flow issues last year Scooter Moda stepped in and helped to keep them going by stumping up £100,000 to bring in a shipment of scooters to keep at Scomadi Limited HQ in Galgate. The shipment was to be used to supply themselves and existing dealers. Scomadi Ltd would pay Scooter Moda as they were sold.

We spoke to Frank Sanderson who was “Mystified” over claims he owes them money. According to Frank “Subsequent container loads were paid for using the normal Scomadi banking facility, once the initial cash flow issues were sorted out with the help of Scooter Moda.”

Dealer bulletin appointing new Scomadi distributor for UK
Dealer bulletin appointing new Scomadi distributor for UK

Scomadi (GB) Ltd

The directors of Scooter Moda are currently in the process of moving to larger premises to accommodate both their shop and their new role as Scomadi (GB) Ltd – see dealer release above, where they plan to distribute scooters as Scomadi (GB) Ltd under an agreement signed last week with Scomadi Asia Pacific.

Original Scomadi Ltd joint owner, Paul Melici had already left Scomadi Ltd and formally resigned from the company on 19th March 2019 to concentrate on his other business, PM Tuning. Spencer told us “Paul has been a great help as we’ve made the transition from scooter dealer to distributor .”

That’s not the whole story though, Companies House lists a selection of registered Scomadi companies, including Scomadi Worldwide – Paul, Frank and Kaye are still listed as directors on that one, although the Thais have shares. Scomadi Worldwide is still operating under the directorship of the original Scomadi duo and with Thai partners.

The directors behind Scooter Moda are the newly signed Scomadi UK distributors, essentially working for Scomadi Worldwide. It leaves Peter Reid’s social media post seeming rather misplaced and untimely.

Scomadi 200 action

Scomadi history

The Scomadi story is one I’ve followed from the very early days as Frank built his prototypes from a unit on a farm near Preston. This progressed on to a run of limited edition hand-built Scomadi 250/300s and escalated to a full production 50/125/200cc machine built by Hanway in China for Scomadi Ltd. All seemed rosy and demand quickly outstripped supply, leading Hanway and Scomadi to look for an additional manufacturing plant in Thailand – Thailand being the main market for Scomadi at that time, as it still is.

In 2016 Hanway stopped the supply of scooters to Scomadi and due to a well-written clause in a Chinese contract, it lead to Scomadi Ltd becoming involved in a very expensive court case (which didn’t go in Scomadis favour). This left the door open for Hanway to build what are essentially rebadged Scomadis (Royal Alloy) and for Lancashire based multi-brand importer, MotoGB to distribute them in Scomadis home country – saturating the UK retro market. Two British entrepreneurs exploited by a Chinese loophole. Scomadi Ltd then applied for an appeal hearing, which was due to be heard in March this year. Frank said, “Scomadi Ltd had high expectations of winning the appeal but it was decided that it would be in Scomadis best interests to enter into what is known as a ‘Drop hand situation’ with MotoGB and Hanway”. This placed restrictions on what Hanway could manufacture but more importantly ensured warranty and parts supply for Chinese manufactured scooters. It also ended all litigation.

The future of Scomadi?

The original Thai Scomadi factory is up and running, albeit having lost around 18 months of ground over Royal Alloy – thanks to the court case. Scomadi Worldwide as a brand are doing well though, they’re moving to a larger, additional state of the art factory based in Thailand’s ‘Bike Hub’ area, with manufacturers such as Ducati, Triumph and Harley Davidson as neighbours. They aim to triple production. They have also recently gone into the Indian market and are still busy developing new models and products.

Minor International PLC

The Scomadi company attracted some large financial backers, in the form of Minor International PLC, allowing Scomadi Worldwide a chance to dominate the retro scooter world market – a sector they essentially created. The brand may no longer be controlled by ‘just’ the two people who created it but as we go to press Paul Melici has just returned from one of his frequent visits to the factory, Frank will be out there next week and although the Scomadi story has moved away from its Lancashire roots the Scomadi story is far from over.

Scooter Moda robbery

It’s not been a good week for Scooter Moda, as they were moving into their new premises they suffered a break in. Five scooters were taken in total, two of which were personal to the shop. The haul included three Scomadis, Peter Reid’s own GP 200 and an AJS Modena.

As usual, internet rumours quickly put two and two together but Scooter Moda have given the police the names of two local burglars who have been named as the people behind it. Thankfully this is no organised gang of travelling scooter shop thieves, simply opportunist scum bags who saw an easy target. Spencer pointed out that an organised gang wouldn’t have taken an AJS and left a nice Lambretta that was sat beside it…

Scomadi dealers?

The directors behind Scooter Moda are looking forward to getting things back on track, both with the new shop and their new role as UK Scomadi distributor – Scomadi (GB) Ltd. They’re happy to welcome both old and new Scomadi dealers and customers.

Der thailändische Investor: Minor International PLC

Hotel, essen, lifestyle
Im fahrzeugsbereich kein business bisher

https://de.marketscreener.com/MINOR-INT ... I-6491674/
175mrd kapital
1,5% rendite

http://www.scomadi.com/latest-news/scom ... rnational/

29 January 2019

Scomadi Announcement

Scomadi is pleased to announce that Minor International PLC (http://www.minor.com), a large publicly listed company has joined forces with Scomadi Worldwide to further develop and expand Scomadi business, by utilising its expertise in the lifestyle and hospitality industry to promote and market the Scomadi brand worldwide through their Minor Lifestyle Group.

This is an exciting time for Scomadi, with funding being put in place to push forward with some innovative research and development projects to enhance the current models and add diversity to the Scomadi product range, along with the expansion of the current manufacturing infrastructure, which will result in a substantial increase in production volumes and allow us to meet the growing worldwide demand for Scomadi scooters.

We are also pleased to advise that Att Asavanund joins Scomadi Worldwide as Chief Executive Officer and will head the management team in Thailand, bringing with him industry experience as one of the founders of the Triumph Motorcycle distribution network in Thailand along with 20+ years as an Investment Banker. Att will be working closely with Frank and Paul as they continue to develop the Scomadi brand and product portfolio.

The Scomadi Team

About Minor International:

Minor International (MINT) is a global company focused on three core businesses: hospitality, restaurants and lifestyle brands distribution. MINT is a hotel owner, operator and investor with a portfolio of 517 hotels under the Anantara, AVANI, Oaks, Tivoli, NH Collection, NH, nhow, Elewana, Marriott, Four Seasons, St. Regis, Radisson Blu and Minor International brands in 53 countries across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Europe, South and North America. MINT is also one of Asia’s largest restaurant companies with over 2,100 outlets system-wide in 26 countries under The Pizza Company, Swensen’s, Sizzler, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Thai Express, The Coffee Club, BreadTalk (Thailand), Riverside and Benihana brands. MINT is one of Thailand’s largest distributors of lifestyle brands and contract manufacturers. Its brands include Anello, Banana Republic, Bodum, Bossini, Brooks Brothers, Charles & Keith, Esprit, Etam, Gap, Joseph Joseph, OVS, Pedro, Radley, Save My Bag, Zwilling J.A. Henckels and Minor Smart Kids. For more information, please visit http://www.minor.com.

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andreas schwarz (kurier) macht eine punktlandung: "Das Netz ist nicht nur Tummelplatz für pathologische Poster, die ihrem kleingeistigen Hass auf was auch immer freien Lauf lassen, sondern auch Schauplatz für eine Aufgeregtheit in allen Belangen, die vorgibt, die Wahrheit zu vertreten, ohne auch nur einen Funken von ihr zu kennen Check, Recheck, Double Check, diese journalistische Tugend aus prähistorischen Medienzeiten, ist systemwidrig: Raus mit der Meinungssau..."
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